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Bug #62283 [Opn->Spm]: HackerPaulRGuthrie
com php-src: increase poll timeout as false positives mitigation: =?UTF-8?Q?ext/mysqli/tests/mysqli=5Freap=5Fasync=5Fquery=2Ephpt?=
This PHP Manual build is broken
com php-src: Fix loop identification: =?UTF-8?Q?ext/opcache/Optimizer/zen?= =?UTF-8?Q?d=5Fcfg=2Ec?=
note 115802 added to sqlite3.escapestring
Your Amazon.com order receipt.
Req #66024 [Com]: mb_chr() and mb_ord()
[ANNOUNCEMENT] event-2.5.2 (stable) Released.
[PHP-BUG] Doc #78130 [NEW]: No version information for SplPriorityQueue::isCorrupted
[DOC-HK] - Your documentation is broken
This PHP Manual build is broken
[PHP-BUG] Doc #67527 [NEW]: No search results for mysqli_free_result
This PHP Manual build is broken
Re: [PDO] Client side cache for prepared queries
note 116010 deleted from pdo.connections by salathe
[pear/HTTP_Request2] ef19d7: Only require_once package classes if installed wit...
Re: [PHP-DEV] [RFC] Block requests to builtin SQL functions where PHP can prove the call is vulnerable to a potential SQL-injection attack
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